Hazards of dogs failing to take oral care

Pet Knowledge January 11, 2023

If not taking oral care for a dog, it will get dental calculus, which accumulates on the teeth at the edge of the gums. This will stimulate the gums and cause gingivitis. At the beginning, the owner may find that their dogs have symptoms such as swollen gums and chewing difficulties, which affect the quality of life of their dogs. If gingivitis continues to develop, it will form periodontitis, cause periodontal pocket and periodontal tissue damage, gingival atrophy, tooth adhesion decline and other problems, and eventually cause dog teeth to fall off. During this period, problems such as tooth root tip infection and facial fistula may also occur.

Some pet owners may think that the existence of dental calculus may only affect the oral cavity, but in fact, bacteria in the oral cavity can easily enter the blood circulation from the damaged part of the oral cavity, and also cause damage to the heart, kidney and other organs of the dog, causing endocarditis, nephritis, etc.

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