What is the originality of the brand?

Pet FAQ January 11, 2023

Founded in 2015, BIOLINE has been serving millions of pet families in over 40 countries for seven years, bringing natural and eco-friendly pet care products, pet nutrition, pet snacks, and pet supplies to them and to themselves.
BIOLINE is run by a group of pet experts with 20 years of experience who believe that good pet products should promote harmony between people, pets, and nature. They travel the world in search of the best natural ingredients according to ECO standards, minimalist processing methods, eco-friendly and recyclable packaging materials, and time-tested formulas to create products that appeal to pets and owners alike.
BIOLINE consumers love their pets and believe that pet products should not just keep them alive, but allow them to enjoy a healthy life with their families, full of rituals and celebrating the important moments in life.
FROM NATURE TO THE FUTURE BIOLINE, protecting our wonderful world.


We are a high quality pet products global provider, and we have good R&D aliblity & manufacturing capacity,we are pleased to work with you.
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